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September 15, 2011 | Eric Benson  |  Share


Last spring semester my 16 design students worked together in one week to create the "Love Champaign" series. It wasn't the typical project they usually engaged in, and that made it all the more exciting and fulfilling when they helped begin the process of uniting a fractured local community.
To our surprise and honor we have been honored with an opportunity to win the 2011 cause/affect People's Choice Awards.
Project brief:

Events were held the week of Valentine’s Day and included networking at “Real Talk, Real People,” specials at local businesses and craft events for children. Additionally, blank Valentines addressed “To Champaign,” “Love, Champaign” where placed around town for people to write messages on. At the end of the week, all of these Valentines were collected and showcased at the gallery celebration on Valentine’s Day.
The campaign was a success by starting a dialogue and uniting the community. It demonstrated that design can be more than a poster. As designers we can place ourselves in the world and create truly valuable and informed solutions that make an impact on the community.
Creative Director / Eric Benson
Art Director / Bernard Canniffe
Designers / Annaka Olsen, Samantha Snyder, Kathy Vanderjack, Kamil Kecki, Katy Dondzila, Bomin Kim, Aramide Odusanya, Caroline Arata, Elizabeth McMillen, Sanny Lin, Vinay Srinivasan, Brent Wagner, Nicole Hammonds, Kristy Brown, Rick Glenn, and Sylvia Uhl
Illustrator / Kamil Kecki
Photographers / Brent Hofacker and Sanny Lin

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