The inner workings of our research studio

October 2, 2011 | Eric Benson  |  Share


This past Saturday, October 1, I presented a talk at the Denver Cumulus Conference about the findings from my 2011 Ethics of a Designer in a Global Economy (EDGE) course. This course focused on ethics, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.
All of the lectures (PDFs), talks (Quicktime), projects (PDFs), and syllabus are on the EDGE site for you to distribute under a Creative Commons license. Try these assignments in your class and share with me what you find out.

EDGE is a course offered at the University of Illinois where students explore the idea of social entrepreneurship, ethics and sustainability. The Spring 2011 course asked the students to “Design a sustainable design studio”. Together with professional and academic guests we answered these questions: What do we make? How do we communicate our offerings? What disciplines do we need to work with more and why? What skills must these designer have? How will it be organized?