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July 26, 2009 | Eric Benson  |  Share
There are currently no universal, reliable Sustainable Graphic Design Standards(c) available to designers, their clients, or consumers -- no way to know, quickly, whether or not a project, or a studio, is legitimately sustainable. As a result, studios struggle to educate clients about their environmental efforts, clients don't know where to begin the decision-making process, and everyone ends up either confused, mislead, or just disgusted with the whole business.

Re-nourish aims to change all that with our Sustainable Graphic Design Standards(c). We've developed a tiered set of standards that allows anyone to immediately place a given printed piece (or the studio that produced it) into a sustainable context. By providing reliable third-party evidence that specific and rigorous design criteria have been met, designers now have the power to quickly and painlessly educate clients and the public at large about their sustainability efforts. Perhaps more importantly, a codified set of standards will facilitate the implementation of sustainable design practices throughout the industry, as designers finally have rigorous yet practical guidelines they can follow.We invite you to help take part in this discussion of Sustainable Graphic Design Standards(c).

What are your concerns and hopes for these standards to end greenwashing and propel the profession forward to a more sustainable future?

You can also read Jess Sand's article, "How to Choose an Environmental Certification" for a further detailed analysis of sustainable standards here on Re-nourish.

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