The inner workings of our research studio

November 22, 2009 | Eric Benson  |  Share
Two pieces "Recycled Table" (made from recycled steel, reused glass, and industrial felt) and "Shadow Dress" (organic cotton) will be showcased at the Connexion Gallery's "Less is More: 2010" opening December 4th, 2009 in Dunwoody, GA. If you're in the area, the show opens at 5:30 PM EST and will remain on display until January 31, 2010. (See more images from these two pieces here.) 

Show description for "Less is More: 2010" maybe more important today than ever before as it challenges our tradition and cultural self-perception. Influence of climate changes on human well-being and survival, compounded with with our continuing massive use of exhaustible resources, forces us to use what we have in innovative ways to create sustainable design.