The inner workings of our research studio

February 23, 2010 | Eric Benson  |  Share

As part of the "Electronics and Sustainability: Design for Energy and Environment" symposium being held today on the University of Illinois campus, Re-nourish's own Eric Benson will be moderating a panel from 2:45-4:45 CST. The panel will focus on how academia and industry can collaborate through research to solve the many environmental issues connected to the technology industry (e.g. e-waste). The panel will feature:

  • Willie Cade (PC Rebuilders and Recyclers)
  • Jim Lynch (TechSoup Global)
  • Chris Newman (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Mark Newton (Dell Computer)
  • William Olson (Motorola)
  • Deborah Thurston (Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois)
  • Mike Tibbs (Wal-Mart