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April 13, 2010 | Eric Benson  |  Share

 To all who took a few minutes out of their Saturday morning (in the US) and evening (in the UK/China/etc.) to watch my quick explanation of our site – thank you! It was quite an honor to be asked to participate in such a highly regarded lecture series – TEDx. To be honest, despite giving dozens of talks in and outside of the classroom, I was truly nervous before getting on stage. However, as I truly believe in the mission of Re-nourish, once the slides/timer started, I let my excitement for the topic at hand take over. 

After the talk ended I received a lot of positive feedback and a number of  messages from our Facebook group. Thanks again and when the talk is edited and hosted live on the curation site, we'll surely let you all know. Until then, let's keep the momentum going!

Peace, love and veggie grease




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