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Substance151 - Baltimore Bioneers Conference,November 2008

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Substance151 - Baltimore Bioneers Conference
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Project Abstract: The Bioneers Conference is a multidisciplinary forum of visionary innovators and thought leaders around the nation working to improve the health of our environment and human communities. Bioneers weaves together the concepts of environmental and social justice, including green building and alternative energy, education, green jobs, culture, art, science and technology. Substance151 developed a brand image that visually communicates Bioneers main concept creating a sustainable world where all natural and all man-made coexists in a non-destructive, synergetic, economically and socially just way. We then developed all communications materials for the 2007 and 2008 conferences, translating the new brand identity across a multitude of print and electronic applications. Both years, the conference brochure was printed on Mohawk Options paper with 100% Post Consumer content, produced using Wind Power, FSC certified. We used local FSC certified printers
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